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    Login Failed MineCraft

    so im the new member in here ,i become the member because im like to see they played the game so cool,and i like lewis and his friend play Minecraft,so i want to play minecraft,then,i download minecraft in,i downloaded in the top ,Download Minecraft.exe (270 KB). Place it anywhere you want, then run it. ,then i run it,after that i registered,in the end i write my email and password in there,after that ,login failed,why ?please help me ,i want to play those game

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    Did you use the correct download? Are ypou sure you put .com instead of .Co.Uk. I once did that mistake. If it says Not Downloaded, force update. Hope this helped. ^.^
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    what next when i clicked force update?

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    done,i haved try again and login failed,but i can play offline,and there is very bored because i didn't have a friend ._. so i want to play online,however its very lagging,but i haved 2 gb ram

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    You downloaded the wrong file i think.

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    The only time you would get errors like that is in one of these situations:

    -Incorrect login information
    -Mojang servers offline
    -Cracked Minecraft client
    -No internet connection.

    There's your troubleshooting list

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    mojang servers?what mean?and cracked minecraft client,what means too?well ,i cann play offline,so my info login its right

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    Restart > Then Login > If it don't work then again trying it..

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    again and again,its the same


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