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    Question How to set up a server...

    Hello everyone!
    Recently loads of my friends got a minecraft account. We all wanted to play together and wanted to set up a server. One of my friends said "can't we just make a free one?". Well as simple as it seems I dont know how to, I have watched countless tutorials on how to set up servers results.Either I missed something or everyone else knows something I don't.Both are highly probable!!!

    We had the Idea of just giving up and buying/renting a server, but we are only teens so we have no credit cards to make us able to buy stuff online. And the cost.......

    Can someone help me with this? Please...?

    Any suggestions and additional help are much appreciated!


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    What is the problem?

    Are they unable to join or get an error message?

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    The Server won't go online in general. I have portforwarded and all that stuff but no luck.

    and I got it online once and no-one else could access it.

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    The actual server client (the jar file) doesn't load / work properly? Or your friends just can't see it?

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    It dont work properly :/

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    Do you get an error message when you try and load it up or does nothing happen at all?

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    What verson of java are you running and maybe some screenshots will help with the diagnostics.
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    figuring out server set ups can be tricky.

    if you give us some more info, and some screenshots like Thorlon said, we might be able to pinpoint what the issues might be.

    well, i'd get my husband to look at it. server stuff always stumps me. he gets them working, and i ruin them
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    Try using?

    Hamachi^^ **
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    Hi TheScubadan1

    I have set up plenty of servers using port forward and hamachi, and I prefer the port foward as thats 1 less application you will need to run. If you have set up the port forward correctly, use the craftbukkit server I have in the link (link to download is below). It contains the .BAT file and the craftbukkit.jar file for Minecraft 1.5. Run the .Bat file and it should give you all the correct files. Then close and re-run the .BAT file, then all your friends need is your IP Address which you can find in a google search. This may change frequently if your router is not set to a static IP, which then you will have to keep sending out the IP to your friends.

    Important Details

    1) Make sure that the port forward is set to your PC
    2) Make sure that the port forward is set to 25565 for both TCP and UCP
    3) Make sure your router has not been set up to block port fowarding

    If you do this your minecraft server will be active while you are running the .BAT file. I hope this helped if you have any more questions please feel free to post another reply.

    Link :-!
    (Sorry attachments didn't want to work)

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