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    How do i use a custom Mod pack on the technic launcher

    the title says it all
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    well you go redownload technic launcher from the website then start it up at the top left cornor theres a up arrow use it till you get to new pack and make sure it's in the middle part on the left so its bigger then the others then just click + its in the middle of it and click it twice and when you do that it will bring up a small wndow saying URL For the Modpack you want to add and you just paste enter and launch and it will start downloading

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    not that one although thanks for the info i didn't know that but i meant the custom ones that are in the launcher before that. like how do i add mods to them to create in a way my own custom pack.
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    I guess you copy the mods into the custom modpack's mod folder o_o
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    (You have to download the technic launcher and log in while you chose the custom pack on the drop down box first)
    First, go to start and click on run.
    Second, type in %appdata%
    Third, open .techniclauncher file
    forth, open bin
    Fifth, open minecraft.jar with your winrar or zip programs
    sixth, download MC_forge and do as instructed
    seventh (optional), download optifine
    eighth, download your mod/s and drop it into your mod file located in the .techniclaucher folder

    So it is basically normal minecraft... except it does not say minecraft, instead it says Modpack 1/2/3

    Hope this is useful, post a like if it is and dislike if not... thanks
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