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    Post Chaosville: an FTB Community of your (second) favourite YouTubers!


    ChaosVille is a FTB (Feed The Beast) Mod pack, although it is not currently available for download, the video below shows how to manually set it up yourself. The ChaosVille server is home to 17 YouTubers, the idea of the server is to collaborate and interact together in videos and generally be apart of a larger community in general. ChaosVille is a long term project and more YouTubers will be added in the future. Check below for all the channel links and ChaosVille play lists.
    How to install video:

    ● KaeyiDream:
    ● @KaeyiDream

    ● Gar's:
    ● @figrollin

    ● Nipde's:
    ● @BlockyNipde

    ● John's:
    ● @WysieHD

    ● Andy's:
    ● @TheDragonHat

    ● VGToolbox:
    ● @VGToolbox

    ● LDShadowLady
    ● @LDShadowLady

    ● WD5K:
    ● @wd5k

    ● DaveChaos:
    ● @DaveChaos

    ● IamChiib:
    ● @Iamchiib

    ● At_God:
    ● @At_God

    ● Sarc:
    ● @SimplySarc

    ● JC:
    ● @jcvsmc

    ● Lying:
    ● @Lyinginbedmon

    ● Miss Moonica:

    ● GNRfrancis:

    ● SoTotallyToby:
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    There are 16 talented youtubers making quality content on a regular basis and this gets not even one comment?

    I find the lack of discussion disturbing.

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    This is a great serise

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    Snowy City :3
    Just started watching, think these series are awesome >.<
    All honours go to Werepenguin8, as she gave my avatar a face ^^

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    To make things easy for you all time find channels and video playlists, we have setup a webpage on my site. Check it out

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    Very nice work I enjoy very much

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    Steam ID: Deathriding
    I'd love to be part of something like this Everyone do their own videos on a server but we sometimes join another persons video (Like YogsTekkit) :P Maybe oneday

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    So I left the forums for an hour came back thinking I was on requested content and saw this, it got my hopes up so fast that there was an opening to join the server, well even though I was terribly wrong I still love the series from everybody's point of view!

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    Updated the players list!

    ● SoTotallyToby :

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveChaos View Post
    Updated the players list!

    ● SoTotallyToby :
    Wait, whut?

    Could I ask, just out of curiosity, how do you technically join. I know that you have to be chosen and it's not exactly a free-for-all server. Does the person have to PM you or something? Do they need a certain amount of subs? Once again, this is just out of curiosity and I was wondering. Because I am thinking of starting a YouTube Minecraft series sometime later this year, and I love everything ChaosVille. So, basically, I wanted to know how do I apply and stuff, because, well, stuff and stuff. (This is getting too hard to explain, I'll just stop typing.)
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    Have a complimentary jaffa!

    (You owe me a diamond)

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