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    Universal-Builders Best 24/7 Tekkit Classic Server! 3.1.2 CB 1.2.5 No Lag! PvP/PvE!


    Join us at:

    Best 24/7 Tekkit Classic Server! 3.1.2! CB 1.2.5! No Lag! Almost No Banned Items! 2 Worlds, 1 PvP & 1 PvE!

    Server Information:

    Hi everyone, Im extremely happy to present this server to you all. This is a brand new Tekkit Classic Server, we are a chest shop driven community that thrives off player to player trade. If you like making factories, then selling the items they make to other players. Then this is PERFECT for you. You can make Factories, Use Almost All Tekkit Items, We have a Factions PvP World, and a PvE World(Build your factories here)

    We are currently rank 1 on the Planetminecraft vote list, and raising fast on Tekkitserverlist

    We have patched all dupes and exploits in Tekkit and have our staff are all experienced game admins from other servers.

    Dont miss out on the fun!

    Kind regards,

    Shane aka. joh1895

    Grief Prevention (Gain 100 claim blocks per hour)
    Factions (Used for the PvP World for some Hardcore PvP)
    LogBlock (Admin tool used to find griefers and fix all damaged made by them)
    World Guard
    Tekkit Restrict
    No Lagg
    Craft Disguise (Donator ability to turn into any mob)
    Minigames (Spleef Arena!)

    Universal-Builders Staff:

    joh1895 (me)




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    hello im an admin on the server its a grate time were all really friendly and im always willing to help you can feel free to join at anytime we will always accept new members we have forum pages open on our site for suggestions we are verry open minded on the server and are will to take new ideas of any sort to help improve the game play for you and all other players so come check it out and have some fun with friends
    -admin jacmac462

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    Hi I am an admin on this server and it is great to see all these new players come and join this wonderful server! We love to see new players join and me and the other staff are always there to help you when you have a problem. We do our best to make sure you are having a great time here.

    As an admin I work on the website and its contents as well as making sure you guys have a great time here at Universal-Builders!
    I also am quite active in-game so you can message me if you are having any problems.

    Universal-Builders Admin: Sniper_2357

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    I found this server here, decided to have a look. It is great!

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    Hello potential players!

    My name is Darth, and I am an Admin on Universal Builders. And I look forward to the chance of meeting each of you. At Universal, we offer a terrific map seed, mini-games, experienced staff, and of course, a low number of banned items. So hop on over and check us out.

    Happy building!


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    There is a building competition up now and first prize gets $20 store credit to buy whatever they wish. I can't wait to see what players create.

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    Free Flying Rings For All New Players!

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    Been on this server for a few weeks. the owner is a very nice gentleman, the admins are great! nice map to play on all are friendly and respectful hardly any lagg. 10/10 defiantly... Amazing server guys!!! \.../(^_^)\.../

    I'd recommend this server for all ages and all player's of all skill range!

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    Our building contest has been extended a week! So come on and show us what cha got!


    CC is now unbanned!


    Hey guys!

    After much digging and sorting, we have found out that the map we had, had been corrupted beyond saving. Because of this, we have done a full map reset.

    Now, don't get me wrong, it pains us to do so, after seeing how much work you all put into your builds.
    This is NOT a normal reset, although tekkit servers have to reset their maps from time to time, just because of the wear and tear.

    Thank you again for your support!

    Think big!
    -Admin Darthb00
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