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    hey there, kjell here

    looks like all the "cool" kids are doing this, so I guess I have to pretend to be one, first I would like to apologise for my English, I'm a Norwegian, and I had teachers that thought you pronounced Snowboard as Snauwbaurd, so my English is pretty much self taught.

    anyways to friends I'm known as kjell, 23 years old from the middle of nowhere in Norway, where I'm currently freezing my arse off.

    used to work as a carpenter up to a few months ago when i had to quit due to mental issues i developed due to herrasment during school, (dont worry I'm not dangerous or anything)

    been playing videogames ever since that faithful day my dad brought home a kinda working NES back in like 94 or so
    these days I spend most of my time making vids like LPs on youtube, not a part of anything like the gamestation (allthough that would be frigging rad) its just as a hobby, and to waste time.

    used to be subbed to yogscast (mainly simon and lewis) on youtube, but the constant spam of "look what i buildt in Minecraft" and "I noticed your comment on this yogscast video, check out my channel i play minecdraft aswell" etc etc kinda got to me and I unsubbed..well it worked so..meh!

    found out about this website recently and signed up

    don't really know what else to write, so I'll leave it at that.

    and apparently heres a TNT for the trubble

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    If you sign in with a gmail account you won't get that spam.
    You can't comment or favourite, of course, so that's the drawback.

    Anyhow, your English is pretty good and nobody's gonna get angry at you for getting a little bit wrong here and there, so welcome to the forums and I hope you have a wonderful time.

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    Welcome to the forums mate!

    Most people on the forums are friendly, so they won't go insane if your English isn't spot on.
    I FEEL TWENTY YEARS YOUNGER!!! That makes me eighty seven now!

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    welcome to the forums friend

    i always find it amusing when people foreign to english apologise for getting it a bit wrong when they're mostly pretty perfect with their english, it's the native speakers that abuse the hell out of it with not a care.
    got a question? just wanna say hi? pm me!

    twitter - forum rules

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    Hi kjell and welcome.

    I am older than you and I still pretend to be cool
    Does not snow where I live so I feel your pain.

    Hope you are doing well, feel free to say hi.
    Sad to hear your sub to the yogscast has caused you issues. I avoid posting on the youtube videos, best to post over here anyhow. The community is really nice, you will like it.

    Catch you around.


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