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    The Biggest Hint Of Them All.

    As we are all aware, hints of SoI have been dropped everywhere. Getting more and more common...

    Well i give you the biggest one!

    Watch from 12:20 +

    Annnnnd discuss!

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    Shadow of Israphel Trucking Tuesday

    Not sure if anyone has seen it, but there is a certain little someone in the woods at 12:29

    Direct link to the right time

    Amazing HD picture:

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    Interesting. I hope this leads to them actually continuing the darn series.

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    i hope they're not teasing and that they're actually hinting a new episode

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    i think that it was just a joke because all episode they were talking about slenderman

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    There has been a fair few hints of late, so I would say at my estimates next Sunday/Saturday... my guesses though!

    For the 4 million subs

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    Either they are continuing the series, or SoI will become something of a gim****, which isn't so bad tbh.

    Also that took a lot of courage to watch, I can't stand anything to do with Slender, even parodies. I watched a parody once, screamed so loud my mic broke. O_O
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    It looks like a joke, after all israphel is like their slenderman, and they referenced slender in the game, so yeh

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    SOI isn't going to come back. -_-
    It was just a joke, if they bring it back...I'll.....I don't know, eat my shoe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberdark View Post
    SOI isn't going to come back. -_-
    It was just a joke, if they bring it back...I'll.....I don't know, eat my shoe?
    Im pretty sure it will. Can you send me the shoe after you've eaten it


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