This is a map for the Modpack Voltz. It's a quest map for a server with 2 player teams. Highly inspired by Voltz youtube series.

I've made a map for my friends and I to play Voltz teams together and I put a lot of time in it so I thought I'd post it. I made it so you start playing a quest then end up battling the other team. Unfortunately there is only one quest for two teams so the server owner is going to have to do a little work swapping maps and books in a chest but that's all. The quest is based off the Cold War as if the US and Soviet Union actually did go to war. I mean no offense to both countries in this map. All you have to do is download THIS .zip file, server owners and read the "Read Me"

Now about the map. Both teams will be given an award/starter pack. After finishing the quest, which is finding a bunker, Either Soviet or American. The items given at the end are extremely similar so don't worry about either team getting an unfair advantage. After they finish the intro the teams will then have to do some recon and find the other teams base wage war!

Bunker's are extremely similar to the one Duncan made in the Voltz series. If you want to take a look at them check out
this thread on the Minecraft forums. CLICK ME

DOWNLOAD: https://dl.dropbox.c...erver