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    Voltz wars - Minecraft server

    Short info:

    I will be starting a voltz server shortly. This is my first testrun of this and im looking for 3-5 people to test it with.

    Short info:
    Both teams will start with some basic materials. But they still will need to farm some aswell. A "battleground" has been made, nothing speciall as I want this game to be able to go in the direction the match takes it.


    • Destroying the other teams beds. The room with the beds in it should be made with cotton walls and roof. As to make it easier to notice if a player comes across it.


    • There will be a 1-3 hour long peacetime. We will ingame decide this more as it comes close to running out. As this is a test, i cant say if we will need more or less. You are allowed to bunker down. And build your beds in the basement.
    • You are not allowed to DIG into the opponents base, breaking his base with just digging. The goal is to use the weapons Voltz provides to win. For ex. You cannot break down a door with just beating on it, but feel free to blow it up with dynamite.
    • Stay within the designated areas. I will show you these ingame.
    • Decoy beds are not allowed.

    Server name: The Voltz WARS - TESTRUN 1

    Information about the server: This will be a PVP-battle type server. Two teams fighting for turf and finally to exterminate the other team.

    Standard voltz server.
    (May be added more later, but as this is just a test. This will be okey for now.)

    Server Ip:


    How to get whitelisted?
    Fill out this form.

    (15+) Age:
    A little bit about yourself:
    Do you have skype?:
    Do you know alot about Voltz?
    Are you a patient and innovative player? (This is my first run at this so it might not go over smooth and neat.)

    If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you want to join. Please write in the thread and I will try to answear or help you.
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    Feb 2013
    Murrurundi Australia NSW
    Gamer IDs

    Gamertag: Alpha4344 Steam ID: alpha4344
    Age: 18
    A little about myself: I have been playing minecraft sense the eairly beta versions and i am frequently online thus am quite dedicated to the servers i play on.
    Do I know alot about voltz? yes i am very farmiliar with the workings of the voltz mod pack there isnt very much i dont know how to do, possibly nothing
    and yes i am a very patient player as as mentioned before quite dedicated to servers i enjoy

    I would love to participate in this war of yours

    i forgot to mention that i do have a skype
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    Age: 15
    ive been playing minecraft for around a year now and i am ALWAYS online (i know im a nerd, but im proud of it ). I am a pretty quiet person until you get to know me then i literally scream every few minutes. i love playing video games and enjoy sociallizing

    i dont know much about voltz aside from watching most of the voltz yogcast videos but i would love to learn more and i am as patient aas a 15 year old can be.

    and yes i do have skype

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    Feb 2013
    Gamer IDs

    Steam ID: jensrietveld
    age: 11 i,m searching alot for voltz servers but can never find one skype yeas have i know about voltz i can wait alot i,m a half life 2 fan and i wait along time now so i,m patient i want to join please i,m very nice have a youtube acount maybe u have fraps or somthing u can send the vid to me and i do it on youtube hope i can join

    you are like me
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    If you would like to be in the trails, please add me on Skype. My name is d0kefish .

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    sure add me on skype erik.jordan6

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    add me on skype : faseguy

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    Name: TJ IGN:Shanaynay2u1
    (15+) Age:16
    A little bit about yourself: Science!
    Do you have skype?:Yes
    Do you know alot about Voltz? I played with it a bit on an anarchy server, chemical weapons are fun*
    Are you a patient and innovative player? I'm patient, and innovative enough to hide underground to get away from the savages who want to take all my things that dwell on the surface!

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    I'm up for this depending on if it's creative or not, I haven't played Volts much yet, if it is PM me and I'll send my skype details to you.


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