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    Prison Architect share your prisons

    Hey I've been playing Prison Architect alpha 6 lately and noticed there wasn't a thread to show the prison you make so i decided to make one for people to share them and also i can answer anyone's questions about how certain parts of the game work.

    Because the images are so large it is easier to just link the ones with tool tips on and only show a large overview of the whole prison on here.

    You will notice i am using the workshop trick to get extra money but this is only to speed up the process of building the prison if you look at the journal picture you will see this prison can run even with out using it, it will just take 5 years to make any money untill they implement the workshop properly.

    Cell Blocks + Solitary Confinement + Execution Chamber + Storage + Back up Generator
    Yard + Holding Cell + Security Room + Common Room + Canteen/Kitchen + Infirmary/Morgue/Psychologist + Entrance
    Offices + New Road + Main Generator and Water Pump
    Security View/Patrols/Stationed
    Utility View showing how to use switches
    Journal View showing all the details of the prison

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    Do you find that your inmates don't go to the shower they are supposed to?

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    Yes the AI pathing is still abit broken, they are programmed to go to the nearest shower/bed/toilet etc to their current location even if it's behind a locked door which can bug some prisoners out and can also cause blockages in doorways with too many people trying to get inside.

    I think they are waiting for all the features to be put in before they focus on fixing the AI so they can program them to interact with everything rather than having to keep updating the AI every time something new gets added.

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    I really like the look on this game cant wait till it is finished and whizzes past the steam greenlight onto my computer!

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    Yes it is a very fun game and when all the bugs get fixed and the new stuff gets put in it will be just as fun as the Tycoon games.

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    I tried to make a MaxSec wing of one of my prisons with its own shower, yard, canteen and kitchen etc. but I found that the other prisoners would go into this area and use the shower and other facilities and that the MaxSec prisoners would try to use other facilities outside of their wing of the prison... And having 2 kitchens and canteens ruined my prison, because the chefs seem to not know which kitchen to use and there would always be a canteen without food in it. Maybe separate areas will be possible when the deployment screen can designate Max or MinSec to areas other than cells.

    And I kind of want to upgrade to the name in game pack, just so I can put in a Dave! Yognaught who was convicted of possessing a crumb of Spacker of which he paid a whole badger for and was also suspected of killing his father with a leg of lamb but nothing could be proven...

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    Yes the deployment doesn't seem to work except for designating cell blocks, there is a way to fix this by forcing them to be in their cells just before shower time etc and making sure that the shower is the closest to the cells. Since the AI pathing is broken it goes for what is the closest distance aka square blocks away instead of which is the quickest path. Some prisoners will still run to the other side of the map to use the shower sometime because if they can't find an open path to the shower head they will search for a new one and repeat this until they find one, this problem is caused by the huge cluster of prisoners trying to all get in at once.

    I should also point out that prisoners will have a shower during their free time when they feel they need it so you can just turn off shower times all together and just have it set as free time and the prisoners won't all cluster around it anymore since not all of them will need a shower. The reason they cluster is because they get into the shower room and just stop at the door because they don't need one.

    To force people into their cells you just have to make sure that the regime for the day is blank for the hour before the shower.

    To fix the two kitchen problem you should just have one kitchen but two canteens, once the serving tables in one canteen are full the chefs will move onto the next serving table in the other canteen etc so it is important not to have too many serving tables in one canteen, more isn't better when it comes to the canteen. I would like to give you specific numbers per serving table but it changes depending on what food the chefs decide to cook, at Max you can get 40 servings on each table. I should also point out that the serving tables are linked so someone can get food from any table even if the food is on another, not sure about the distance on this but i've seen this happen a lot. I will do some tests on this as well because i am curious.

    I also found out a way to fix the recreation bug with the common room, all you have to do to fix this bug is not use the common room "room". What i have done is turned the common room into the canteen so now when it is free time the prisoners all run to the phones/pool tables etc and use them instead of one or two. This will cause problems during the "eat" time if the common room and canteen are not right next to each other and linked into one big room. You can also put recreation items in the yard that prisoners will use during free time and yard time.

    Edit : I will do some tests and get some solid numbers/reasons for a lot of things to try and help out a bit more. I should also warn you that not having a designated shower time will cause some problems if prisoners need one during a period that isn't free time.
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    I find that the 7-8pm time slot is the best for the shower, so then the prisoners are less likely to complain while stuck in their cells at sleep time. Also prisoners would rather nap in free time than take a shower, even though they'll have plenty of time to sleep in an hour or two at sleep time. I don't think this is a bug, because they are (slightly) more tired than they are unhygienic, but the AI doesn't take into account what happens next in the regime.

    If there is a TV in the cells, doesn't that relieve recreation needs? I've also experimented with TVs in the canteen, and prisoners seem to use them during eat time when they aren't eating.

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    yes a tv in the cells will fix any recreation problems.

    You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life - Winston Churchill


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