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    [3.1.2] Tekkit Laboratories | PvE | 75 slots | Some EE disabled | Grief Prevention

    * * Server IP * *
    Map http://play.tekkitlaboratories.com:8123

    New and growing Tekkit Community with friendly players and helpful staff. Very Few items banned allowing for a close to Tekkit Vanilla game play. If you've been looking for a fantastic server for yourself this is the one, or invite your friends and build a great company. The Server is hosted 24/7 in northeastern region of the United State.

    Staff Members:
    PcJamesy (Owner/Head Admin)
    Advcomp2019 (Admin)
    Modderators - None yet, but were on the lookout for prospective players to fulfill this rule in the near future.

    1. Simply Respect other players and admins.
    2. Greifing isn't Allowed and will result in being banned.
    3. PvP is disabled, building traps to kill other players isn't allowed.
    4. Don't bug admins for items for for promotion.
    5. Don't Spam chat or use inappropriate language.
    6. Don't build in other players ****ed land. Ask permisson to build around others. Land can be privatised in 64x64 or 32x32(within 200 blocks of spawn) plots.
    7. Keep the world looking nice, cover up old quarries; set them up over bodes of water or underground.
    8. Don't intentionally create create lag inducing machine setups, because they create extra lag for everyone.
    9. If you decide yo build near spawn please keep your buildings nice, or they will be removed without warning. (Almost anything can be done ****her way from spawn)
    10. Use of client mods to revive an unfair advantage will result in a warning then a ban.

    No Banned Mods


    Banned items: (Banned for server protecton, or considered to make gameplay less meaningfull)
    Catalytic Lens
    Evertide Amulet
    Infornal Armor
    Abyss Helmet
    Mercurial Eye
    Watch of Flowing Time
    Volcanite Amulet
    World Anchor
    Dimensional Anchor
    Anchor Cart
    Tank Cart
    Howler Alarm
    Industrial Alarm
    Transmutation Table
    Transmutation Tablet
    Dark Matter Pedestal
    Energy Condenser
    Teleport Teather
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