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Thread: Yogscast Voltz

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    Yogscast Voltz

    As some of you may know, the Yogscast is starting to play the Voltz pack. Many people are thinking that this will replace Tekkit. I would like to know some opinions on this.

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    Naaah, it won't.
    They haven't finished their storyline yet.

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    I think the Yogscast is going to finish their storyline faster and then move on to Voltz.
    It does seem that a lot of people think this will replace Tekkit. The comments are just spammed with "Voltz is replacing Tekkit!" or "Is Voltz replacing Tekkit".
    Then again, they may not switch since it will be something completely different and yognauts didn't even want FTB just because it never had condensers.

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    The dev for FTB has stated on multiple occasions that he is in talks with the yogscast and they will be switching over to a FTB pack, and it's rumoured that they will be getting their own pack.
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    It will never replace Tekkit I don't think.
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    Whats the big deal? Personally I hope they move on, always good to have a fresh start you know

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    It shall not replace tekkit, someone did ask and Duncan replied with "no"

    There you go, argument over!

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    But what everyone has to remember is, Tekkit is close to finishing...

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    I can see this series being awesome if they can find an enemy to have an icbm war with, while slowly building their infrastructure up to the point of utter annihilation with the anti-matter missile. I think it will be like Duncan's first lot of tekkit videos, in that tutorial style, but it will be much more entertaining if there is someone to point a missile at...

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    Voltz is looking really appealing. I hope they go further into it and not replace Tekkit.. but.. sometimes new things are cool ;D


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