1. Talk about things that are cool and awesome, keep it clean, if it does not fit in here post in the Off-Topic forums.


      8,016 Threads
      150,111 Posts
    2. Share your YouTube Channels here with the Community!

      5,233 Threads
      19,033 Posts
    3. Meet and greet fellow Yognaughts.

      11,066 Threads
      63,814 Posts

      Hello All!!

      Yesterday, 23:53 by mighty_claw

    4. Books, Manga, TV Shows, YouTube Videos, Yogscast Shows all get discussed here!


      8,079 Threads
      70,429 Posts

      Have you noticed?

      Today, 12:26 by TREALOP

    5. What would you like to see in the future?

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    6. Everything that does not fit anywhere else should be posted here or will be moved here. This area is less ruled upon, but try to keep things legal and nice.


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      Boys vs Girls

      Today, 12:23 by Grimshaw2

    7. Make sure to read the Forum rules before posting!

    1. Discuss Minecraft here!


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    2. Discussions between the community for Official Yogscast games

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      No Landmark key

      9th October 2014, 05:03 by mighty_claw

    3. Find all game related discussions here


        • FPS (230/1571)
        • RPG (166/1452)
      5,309 Threads
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      Fallout 3 Or Fallout New...

      27th October 2014, 11:02 by StrangeTemplar

    1. Post things you have made here!


      1,894 Threads
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      Hole Diggers - Dwarf Star 3D

      19th October 2014, 16:17 by FyberOptic

    2. Post things you have created that are related to Minecraft here! (Including Work in Progress projects!)


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    3. Pictures, sculptures, stories go here

      2,647 Threads
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      Bad drawing

      Yesterday, 22:10 by _izbug_

    4. Post contests you wish to host here. No selling, trading or giveaways for subs.

      353 Threads
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      Cool Free stuff!

      26th September 2014, 05:32 by mighty_claw

    5. Need a partner? A new Youtube layout? Or a new profile picture? Post here to request for something you need.

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    6. Roleplaying threads


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    1. Having issues with the website? Take a look in here. Please check the stickied threads before posting as your issue might already be known.

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      Post Threads Merged...

      28th October 2014, 23:36 by mighty_claw

    2. Think you have the skills to help the Yogscast team? Serious applications only 18+

      627 Threads
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    3. Having problems with anything not covered by the other two sections, ask in here. If there is no category for your question, just post them in this forum.


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